Buzzing 70s Chat

Added 2015-03-06 11:42:26

Im back posting news why i hear you all cry?As most of you guys know i am OhMyBingo tv guide.Flicking through my tv guide looking for something to watch after emmeroidssssssss n enders i found the nations favorite 70s number one.I logged on to bingo at about half past six said hi to all and good luck, stuck my tongue out smile that was out of chat lol .

I mentioned the nations favorite 70s number ones was on.Wow we had players joining in chat that dont normaly chat, we all were guessing what we thought could be number 1.The list went on for ever from kiki dee to abba to kate bush , bay city rollers the chat was buzzing i could only just manage to keep up chat was going so fast.

I would like all that was chatting to thankyou for taking me back to my teens.It brought back real good memories when i was at school, when i showed up lol.I can even still play the imaginary guitar and sing through my mic aka as my pen, hey i even did chair dancing too lol .All this talking i got a dry mouth back in a jiffy.

Im back no cm was working but who pops up miss heidi out of the blue to play chat games,Now i know i sacked 89 earlier with tickle but i though hey ho lets give 89 1 more chance again lol.I was maxed faster than i can drink a gin n tonic.As a regular player its more fun trying to max other players by donating.It was all going ok til Billy mentioned only me was winning cgs lol.Slap later Billy at the meet up.

Thanks all for a cracking night, this site is so friendly it scares me haha.

Can i ask does Korky really walk his budgies or was he winding me up like a clock lol.

Bet you guys thought i had finished yet news ----- nope

 Theres a ps as ever VOTE for our cms we dropped to 7th place grrrrrrrrrrr

Gawd i got a pps too lol, can the meet up be at Newcastle, lets hit flares  woohooooooooooo

Gawd a ppps i was right guessing queen woop so you guys lost out on my 5 golds that was on offer.


I can just see Ben as John travolta ooooooooo lol

Ok ive done now any spelling mistakes Chet sort them please.