Caesars Bingo is a slow starter but if it follows Sun Bingo it could be big

Added 2010-04-03 09:46:25

Dont know if ayone else been on Caesars Bingo yet.  I have and dont know how anybody could win big on here!

ok only very few players yet prize money is only £5.00 for full house

.65p for one line

been on early morning and no players on???

its ok offering trip to las vegas yet on these prizes couldnt afford petrol money to AIRPORT!!!

Maybe its me the times ive been on ,dont know but if anybody could help would be much appreciated thank you

it definately remind me of Sun Bingo the lay out of the two games rooms!!

This is what i dont understand frome the people of CEASARS PALACE   I MEAN THE CEASARS PALACE LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!

There are only a couple of UK bingo rooms.

Ikind of think people in the U.S.A dont appreciate bingo like we do here in the u.k

They do seem more into slots and KENO.  (that annoying thing were the chicken clucks out eggs were you have to hit 30 before you get to ZERO thewn on the up and up maybe 5p /10.15p)

just dont get the attraction of this.

My opinion of course i know many peeps out there must like this but not for me.

   I even got an email few weeks ago from Caesars Bingo telling me now is good time to play as new site and better chances of winning before they get too big .

would love to be first in winning big on new site but just cant seem to see it on here.So finally if anybody could shed some light on this as to were i'm going wrong i would be very grateful.