Caesars Bingo is definately worth a visit

Added 2010-05-06 11:05:24

Joined this one yesterday, and gained £5.00 free.  Not many rooms to play in but loads of new/different slots.  My first game I won £25 and had a go on the slots and got my balance up to £35.00. 

The slots are good because you can bet just 1p and choose how many lines you wish to play so you have complete control. 

Went back into the bingo and there were less people playing but spent all my lovely money without any other wins. 

I found the set up quite good but, but the way you buy tickets is a bit topsy turvey and on my first game, when I was unure of what I was doing, I bought 6 tickets but then it said that I had no tickets, so I bought more because I thought I had done it wrong and eventually ended up with £1.80's worth!!  No wonder I won.  The tickets were 10p each and this didnt vary which I think is good because not everyone wants to pay 25p and over for one ticket.  I didnt see any sign of bonus points or loyalty points which again I think is a drawback.  I like sites that do at least award you bonus points when you buy tickets.

So I think Caesars Bingo is worth a visit, but not sure I will be back.