Cags and Noelberts BBQ Party

Added 2014-07-28 09:01:04

What a fab afternoon we had on Saturday at cags n noelberts BBQ. i bet your thinking noelbert thats what my son adam called noel so thats his new name from now on lol. we got there about 3.30 would of been earlier but we decided to stop on way n have a icecream mm we got to cags she had been so busy all morning makeing sure we was all fed the food was lovely cags even made sexy mushrooms and was a 1st attempt i have to say they was lovely.

The food n drink was flowing lol this will make you laugh charlie only tried to have some punch and tried to get it out of the bowl with a sppon with holes in she didnt realise that was to stir it with pmsl noelbert tried all afternoon to get the music going bless him he didnt give up cags tv even came out lol he got there in the end wish we would have had a camera ready when shin n heidi broke cags chair pmsl we had to stay until 9.46 to see cags lights in garden come on she wouldnt let us go any earlier, then out came the shots lol the cherry one was the best cags tried to get charlie to get it down in one but charlie said cags had to have some ov it lol we had such a good laugh was all good fun cags wasnt impressed she had to make cups of tea in the afternoon lol, pmsl at adam he told cags he has tea with 2 sugars the little fibber aw poor abigail cags grandaughter wasnt to well bless her hope shes better cags it was nice meeting up again n seeing heidi n shin n rosie again whens nxt one cags? was a we had a brill time n thankyou for having us omg just remembered size of the black pudding it was huge lol thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx