Cags at OhMyBingo

Added 2013-11-27 11:46:11

I know cags will hate me for writing news about her but i really think she deserves some recognition on OMB. I have only had the pleasure on meeting Cags once and she is a very fun n out going person.Cags gives a lot to OhMyBingo,she hates iggy peeps and peeps being rude to other players or the CMs.

Csgs always plays chat games when she is in and she is the only player i know that never plays ooc.She definitely knows where her log out button is and i think a lot of us should take a leaf out of her book LOL. Cags always seems happy and bubbly and is always considerate, she is always willing to help newbies out,but sometimes a TY to her wouldnt go a miss. I would put in my news about her typo but i mite get banned.

Cags always greets peeps who come in chat and always answers you if you ask her a question.I would really like to thank you Cags for making me and a lot of other players feel welcome. But there is one thing about you that really gets on my nerves is you never give anyone chance to say goodbye when u leave grrrrrrrrrrr.Gl on beat Lou Cags and if you beat her make sure u aim for the face LOL.