Cags On Tour

Added 2013-02-20 12:12:40

As most of you guys know ,i was taking a trip to see Maraki and baby,Nanny and Laceyk.I just thought why not bore with you with what i got up to.The plan was to pick nanny up on route but by looking at the sat nav we would be going about 40 miles out of our way so we was unable to pick nanny up.Off we set Berty being Berty said i know where i am going so dont need the sat nav til we nearly at Marakis.When i looked up i noticed we were nearly in Sedgefield im like hello you have come the wrong way,i will ring Nanny and she can visit Maraki.We picked Nanny up and was on our way.The sat nav was on to take us to Marakis and Nanny says ignore the sat nav go straight on.So now im in the car with 2 pps that ignore a sat nav lol.

We got to Marakis in the end and passed on all your best wishes,Mia is now weighing 10lbs and coming on leaps and bounds.

On our way back we dropped Nanny off and went to book into our hotel.The room was fab apart from the mini bar was locked.The shock and horror on my face lol.Lucky job i had a metal nail file and Berty picked the lock with ease.(joking).

Later that night it was on to Laceyks house for a few drinkypoos and a few more hic hic.Taxi back to the hotel for a few more gins ,oh they had lemons too woop lol.

I think i woke Nanny with a text this morning to tell her i would be at hers in 2 mins lol.Bless she had been to the local butches for me tons of black pudding,which once again cheers Nanny.All in all we clocked up over 300 miles on my tour and a brill time and fun was had by all.

I cant wait for the next meet up in sunny Bradford on the 30th March where Charlie,Swifty,Davep,Heidi,Shel,Shin Jasey and anyone else who can make it woop woop.

I hope lots of you guys thats not taken the plunge to meet your fellow roomies, to please make the effort at the next OhMyBingo meet.You wont be disappointed.

Now im back and hope Petey has missed me and sneaks me a few golds in.