Cagswagsys BBQ Bonanza

Added 2014-07-28 09:05:19

Well where do i start , first of all i would like to thank cags for a fantastic day , she worked her little socks off all morning  getting all the food sorted and ready for when we arrived at 3pm.

Thank you to rosienanny also for picking me up and taking me there your a star :D .

ok so we arrived at cagsys me,shin,kalisha and rosie, cags  came out to greet us with a big smile, i met cagsy sister, her dog sitter kaf and her son and grandaughter abigail  who were all very lovely i might add .

Soon after charlie and swifty arrived with adam and partners then finally jan and her fella arrived  , wasnt long and we were tucking into the yummy food cags had been cooking all morning, the food was amazing and sorry cags for thinking you cheated haha , all i saw was her taking it out the oven but she actually put it in the oven to keep it warm it had been cooked on the bbq lmao.

Lots of drinks were flowing , with great conversation and great company even the weather was fantastic  also got a phone call off davep  which was nice only issue was the karaoke that bertie tried so hard to get working  lol but in the end we made do with some very loud music in the garden :D it was brill even the neighbours loved it they were singing and joining in what a great atmophere.

Next out came the shots woop woop , was funny watching cags trying to get charlie to drink them  she succeded in the end and charlie had a shot yay.

Cags told us we couldnt leave until after dark because we had to stay and see her spectacular light show in the garden and it was defo worth the wait it looked fab , she even has leeds united piggy pen with blue n yellow lights  how cool.

A few other things to mention about the day , Cagsy dogs dolly and stella were beautiful and they loved the treats i brought them , the broken chair hmm well im still laughing now sorry about that i guess me n shinny have put a bit of weight on lmao , the naughty garden gnomes tut tut , black pudding bloomin massive as mel would say lol , and adams tea with 2 sugars hahaha hes a great kid and soooo funny .

On that note i think my post is complete thank you very much Cags for a great day with lots of laughs , your garden is brill love the waterfall at the back , the company was fantastic ,  and the food was amazing cant wait for the next one :D ty rosie for staying until midnight and getting us all home even though you had a long drive and didnt get home till 2.30am your a gem.

ps - Ben  how about the next OhMyBingo meet at cagsys house ?  woop woop  :D xxx