Cagsys BBQ Party Was Fun

Added 2014-07-28 09:03:14

I would like to say a big thank you to cagsy n bertie for inviting us to her BBQ yesterday, THANK YOU.  Was a brilliant day, loads food n drink for all.   Mind you on arriving at cagsys i was in trouble straight away, ........ why u may ask !!!!   she ad to make a cuppa tea for me and john, TEA she said 

Making tea at 3 in the afternoon is a no no with cagsy lol soz cagsy  lol. Later in the day i did go get some punch lol. but couldnt understand  why i was only gettin fruit in my glass n no liquid, then realised  cagsy ad put ladel with holes in punch bowl....numpty... cagsy not me lol.  Then she came round with a  coloured drink god knows what its called, after putting it to my lips it tasted yukk, so when cagsys wasnt looking i got shin to drink it for me, thanks shin  lol. BIG MISTAKE... she must have thought i liked it cos she brought me another but she stood in front of me till i drank it, it was putrid  lol 

Was a day of fun n laughter,so thank you again cagsy, and thank you bertie  for the amusement you gave us all watching you for 3hrs tryin to fix music up so we could have music playing  lol, bless you bertie you didnt give in. Then at 7.45 we said we was goin, this was cagys reply........NO ! LEAVES HERE TILL 9.46 till my garden lights come on, no-one goes anywhere till they see them. pmsl  So everyone waited , and yes cagsy  they was worth waiting for lol .  I would also like to thank merosieeee  for the biggest blackpudding  i have ever seen, we will still be eating it in 2015 lol. Thank you merosieee.    Lubs u loads cagsy xxx