Can someone please tell us whats going on

Added 2015-11-06 10:26:00

so we have the long awaited new site and omg what a dissapointment.

where are the free slots we were told we would have? 

do we have to deposit the stated amount every time we want to reddeem for a prize or just deposit once in that month?

what are we meant to do with our OMPs now, just play bingo?

i am sorry but this is not good enough, its all about making money and not caring about your old regulars.

i am not going to deposit on the principle why should i have to deposit to claim what i could claim without depositing before

now it tells me i need more words so i will have to waffle, i bet this post never sees the light of day but its just my thoughts on the new site and im sure people will say u will get used to it but we shouldn't have to get used to it