Can you beat CM Lou results 16th December

Added 2011-12-16 15:07:15

Hi all that time again time to announce this weeks winners of 'Can you beat CM Lou'. I've managed to have a good week at beating lots of you :D which means points aren't quite as high as in the past good luck next time you lot ;). Ok so this weeks winners are as follows:

1st place ........... with 31 points ........... joannewoo wd you've bagged yourself 2 goldies :D :D :D xxx

2nd place ........... with 29 points .......... charlie wd you've bagged yourself 15 silver coins :D :D :D xxx

3rd place ............ with 27 points ........... shaz2011 wd you've bagged yourself 50 bronze coins :D :D :D xxx

Thank you everyone for joining in this week been lots of fun as usual :D, however next week there will be NO 'Can you beat CM Lou' tournament :( but the good news is i have a Christmas packed week of chat games for you all (see 'Christmas countdown with CM Lou' post for more details).  'Can you beat CM Lou' tournament will resume again straight after Christmas do don't forget to join me then for:

Can you beat CM Lou? - The CM will announce their chosen number for the morning, each player picks 2 numbers 1-90 once both your numbers are out shout 'BEAT THE CM'. 1st correct claim wins 250 OMPs, If your numbers are both out before the CM's chosen number you will receive 3 points if just one of your numbers are out before the CMs chosen number you will receive 1 point. At the end of the 2 hours the players with the most points will win 1st 1000 OMPs 2nd 500 OMPs 3rd 250 OMPs. 

Lou xxx