Can You Beat CM Lou results 25th January

Added 2013-01-25 15:46:17

Hi all thank you everyone who has been in and took part in this weeks chat game tourney :D. It's been a fabbbbbb week even if i have come out daily battered and bruised (any word on my hospital bed yet chet?lol ). So far i've locked Petey, bad (who's been sucking n getting me number stuck), and charlie ( biggest bully) in the basement so be warned for next week :P. We're even getting themed profile pictures to add to the fun :D 

Ok so results time :D

1st place ........... with a whopping 49 points is .......... charlie :D:D:D wd 2 gold coins xxxxx

2nd place ........... with 42 points is ............. badboy13 :D:D:D wd 15 silver coins xxxxx

3rd place ........... with 30 points is ............. rosienanny :D:D:D wd 50 bronze coins xxx


So don't forget to come and join me again next week for more fun Monday - Friday 1pm - 3pm for:

Can you beat CM Lou? - The CM will announce their chosen number for the afternoon, each player picks 2 numbers 1-90 once both your numbers are out shout 'BEAT THE CM'. 1st correct claim wins 250 OMPs, If your numbers are both out before the CM's chosen number you will receive 3 points if just one of your numbers are out before the CMs chosen number you will receive 1 point. At the end of the 2 hours the players with the most points will win 1st 1000 OMPs 2nd 500 OMPs 3rd 250 OMPs. 

Once again thanks for a fab week roomies it's been great fun having the game back on OhMyBingo :D

Lou xxx

P.S am sorry but there will be no Beat the CM on Tuesday as i wont be here.