Can you beat CM Lou results 6th January

Added 2012-01-06 17:54:18

Hi all thanks for joining me again for another great week, well done to all daily winners :D the results for 'Can you beat CM Lou' this week are as follows:

1st place .............. with 41 points ............. charlie wd you've bagged yourself 2 goldies :D :D :D xxx

2nd place ............. with 34 points ........... sunny wd you've bagged yourself 15 silver coins :D :D :D xxx

3rd place ........... with 25 points ........... amylumps wd you've bagged yourself 50 bronze coins :D :D :D xxx

Thanks again to everyone who joined me this week don't forget to join me again next week Monday - Friday 10am - 12 for:

Can you beat CM Lou? - The CM will announce their chosen number for the morning, each player picks 2 numbers 1-90 once both your numbers are out shout 'BEAT THE CM'. 1st correct claim wins 250 OMPs, If your numbers are both out before the CM's chosen number you will receive 3 points if just one of your numbers are out before the CMs chosen number you will receive 1 point. At the end of the 2 hours the players with the most points will win 1st 1000 OMPs 2nd 500 OMPs 3rd 250 OMPs. 

Good luck all see ya Monday

Lou xxx