Can You Dislike a Bingo Site Without Depositing

Added 2010-08-24 08:50:15

I as normal logged in to my Golden Hat Bingo account and at the moment  I am trying not to deposit as I have had no real luck on the site for some time.  I have only been a member at Golden Hat Bingo for maybe 6 months,but only in the last 2 - 3 months have I played in the pressies room.

I always liked the room, the tickets are cheap and more often than not my £10.00 deposit would last me the week.  I am not looking to win big just have fun and get that buzz of a win.

Lately GHB seem to be having problems and the roomies are not happy bunnies.I am sure some of you play in the pressies room and see whats going on.  The regs don't seem to like the same non-depositor winning all the time and have sent emails , added to fb etc.

Now I suppose what I am asking is how long is it needed to know if you like a bingo site or not?

Do you have to ever deposit?  Or do you think that online bingo sites should give a limit to how long you can play as a non - depositor?

I can understand people not liking non-depositors winning pretty much every game, but find it hard to believe that the person in question has played for months and not once deposited a penny. lol xx

would love to hear your views.