Cancer star signs can grab free tickets to the Sparkling Bingo jackpot game

Added 2014-07-15 13:51:23

Summer has been a complete washout. But thankfully, Sparkling Bingo gives its players sufficient reason to smile. Is your star sign Cancer? If so you are up for treats this month. Sign up at Sparkling Bingo today and they will give you a fantastic 150% Welcome Bonus. Then head straight to the lobby to check out all the online bingo action.

The popular jackpot game ‘Zodiac Bingo’ is scheduled on 22nd July at 20:00 hours. A guaranteed £1,111 jackpot can be won by 3 lucky winners this month. Full House winner gets £500 plus 20 extra tickets to next month’s jackpot game whilst 4 Lines Winner gets £300, 3 lines winner receives £150, and £100 and £61 respectively for two lines and one line winner.

And that’s not all. There is something else written in the stars. If your birthday falls in the month of July that is if you are a Cancer or may be even Leo, Sparkling Bingo will give away 10 free tickets to the game. We hope the future holds big money for you!

Signing up at Sparkling Bingo can be extremely rewarding. They fuel 150% Welcome Bonus when you sign up to their site. Also on all subsequent deposits, they give up to 50% bonus. Sounds quite impressive! Make your way to Sparkling Bingo now! Join Sparkling Bingo today.