Cant wait for Tasty Bingo

Added 2010-02-03 14:40:21

I just had a look at the homepage for Tasty Bingo. Being a massive fan of Wink Bingo (I’ve played for almost two years now!) I’m really excited as to what this Tasty Bingo site is going to be like. I hope that Tasty Bingo bring out adverts similar to the ones at Wink Bingo – remember the one with the woman dancing with the dog?! That one has me in stitches every time lol.


Anyway in response to the previous news article I’d like to guess what Tasty Bingo is going to be like. Btw if the people at Tasty bingo are reading this and then decide to use my ideas I want fre bingo lol. Anyway, sidetracked again lol – on the current page the background is a “traffic light” green and I hope that Tasty Bingo remain like this because I would love a change from all the pink sites that are out there lol. I reckon they could have the bingo balls all as chocolate covered strawberries with numbers written on them I’m guessing also that Tasty Bingo will have some food-based promotions I hope they offer takeaway vouchers! I always prefer actual prizes to free bingo cash so I think that would be a really nice touch for the site.


I’m guessing this UK bingo site will have all the mini-games that make Wink Bingo so great so there will obviously be a food theme going for that too. Fruit-based slots will be too easy to do lol anyway I’ll be straight onto Tasty Bingo when it launches and I’m sure it will attract the same sort of friendly people as Wink Bingo do! See you all there gl gl