Card Already Registered at Online Bingo Sites

Added 2010-08-10 05:55:51

Just wanted to say,don't know if it's me or if anybody else gets annoyed at this fact.

You join a new site get all the way down to the submit button,only to be told,this card is already registered!!!!

As a lot of sites these days are networked, the chances are you will (if like me always joining new sites..) have already registered your preffered method of payment via your card.

Yes of course you can then enter a different card, which i have done on many occasions only to be told the same thing,as been playing online bingo for some time many of my cards are registered on various sites which are linked, encountering the same problem.  Only time i didnt was when i deposited via u-kash on a site and registered my bank details and money went straight into my account.

What i dont understand is the problem?  If i buy my food shopping online and pay with my card, then i go into their high street store and pay again by my card i do not get told that i have already used this card???? I would have thought same card would be easier as they have already verified your identity .Don't understand the problem especially when the site will be getting your money.

Anyway like i said the other day we all have our very own favourite site to play OHMYBingo....and no problem with card already registered because it's free bingo! lol xx