Careful not to go into your overdraft when playing online bingo

Added 2010-11-04 16:52:05

I want to tell you about my experience even thou i find it very embarrassing to talk about.

About 10 years ago i went to Butlins with the family and had a great time and shortly afterwards got an email from them about there online bingo site. There was an offer of a free 10 pounds so decided to giveit ago. Had never played online bingo before and thought that it was great fun and won a bit with my free money and then of course lost it.

So then i started putting money on nothing too much at first but trying to regain the money that i had lost i started to put on more and more. In the end i was loosing everyday but i still kept on putting more money on.

Eventually my husband got a phone call from the bank to say that we were £1,000 over our overdraft. He couldn,t understand why and so they said maybe you ought to have a word with your wife as the name of the bingo site obviously was comming up all the time.

When he told me i was devastated i hadn,t realised how much money it had actually cost me. He had to bail me out with the money out of savings that he had worked really hard for too get. I will never forget the look on his face when he told me it was ok but please not to do it again. I was suffering from depression at the time and it was like a drug to me i suppose.

I just wanted to tell you all as it is so easy for this too happen and it could have been so much worse. If i had carried on i could have lost my home or even worse my marriage.