Carlton Bingo coming soon to Oh My Bingo

Added 2010-03-03 08:44:04

Shocker!! I have just found a site that I had never heard of! Its called Carlton Bingo and it looks FAB!

Unfortunately they are not giving any free money - booooo :( but they are giving you 100% bonus up to £250 cash match on your first deposit! And they have another two online bingo promotions coming soon -  intriguing hmm??

The chat rooms are great with the CH's and other roomies making you feel very welcome.

They also have the usual mix of scratch cards, slot machines, number games, casino games and keno, always worth a go.

This site has given whopping amounts of money to cancer charities which is a great idea as statistics show that most people will or have been affected by cancer at some point in their life. It's nice to know that some people are giving something back.

There is also a section on applying for a job with Carlton bingo and a list of all the big wigs who run the site. They even give you advice on resposible gambling and how to look for a problem with your friends gambling habits. You can meet the hosts too.

It looks like a very nice bingo site with the added bonus of a clear conscience as you feel like your donating to a worthwhile cause while you play.

It's worth I look. I did and I liked it :)

Good Luck


P.S That little symbol at the top of the page where you write your bingo news - ABC with a blue tick under it - is a SPELL CHECKER lol