Carry on slots on online bingo sites.

Added 2010-04-14 16:57:54

You can be forgiven for thinking that I'm obsessed with slots coz I am forever banging on about them ... but actually I DO play heaps and heaps of bingo. It's just that slots are more talk-about-able because with bingo you win or lose :-)

Anyway ... I haven't actually been a slotter for too long, so I'm not the expert I sometimes make out I am.

I discovered the Carry On slots a while ago and thought they were GREAT because when you get the bonus rounds it takes you to a board where there are nine boxes with curtains .. the curtains open and all the characters of the Carry on films flash before you one after the other. The curtains close and then you pick one box and when the curtain opens there is a character with the amount you've won. When you meet Matron the bonus round ends.

SO ... I thought that by watching the flashing characters very closely I could spot which one was last on the screen before the curtain closed and therefore guess which one was coming up next .. thereby avoiding Matron :-)

On one bonus round I was staring at the screen like a mad woman when my friend came in and enquired as to what I was doing. I explained my theory and she didn't half laugh ... she recommended I reduce the slot down, go to my balance and have a look on there .. and lo and behold the winnings from the bonus round had already clocked up. And the bonus round wasn't even over :-(

So there you have it ... if you, like me, reckon you can avoid Matron, don't waste your time .. it's all perdetermined :-)

Good luck slotters :-)