Cars and Caribbean Holidays at Bingo Cove

Added 2013-06-06 08:00:41

If you crave blue skies and turquoise oceans, then take a dip into Bingo Cove, where there's a £100 free bingo bonus just for signing up.

Plunge headfirst into a wonderful world of promotions – will you be the lucky player to win a 10 night Caribbean getaway? Read more.

You need to be in the VIP club to qualify for this game, but you still have plenty of time as it plays on July 11 at 10 PM. Get lucky here, and you'll be treated to 10 nights in a luxury Caribbean resort, and you'll also get £1000 spending cash in your pocket – that's going to buy you an awful lot of fancy cocktails.

And then there's the Car or Cash competition. There are three ways to win tickets for this sensational contest on August 1 – either cover the number 5, cover the Car pattern, or cover the letters that spell the word CAR in the 75 ball room. If you get lucky here, you could be answering the question of a lifetime – would you rather win a 5mart Car, or £5000 in cash?

And finally, a new game has landed called Xcite. Only the full house and 2 TG winners will share the jackpot in each game – how Xciting is that?


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Written by Tracy Garnett.