Castle Bingo is a small online bingo site with few players but that is a good thing

Added 2010-04-03 09:43:21

Found this site few weeks ago played on and off.  It not too bad has few players on which can only be a good thing!!

its powered by COZY GAMES yesi know tis is not one of my favourite networks at all yet this site is not too bad.

doesnt have the same layout as the rest of the sites


Well you know were im coming from!

peculiar looking yet you get the feeling it like a lot of the online bingo sites when they were on their " old ground"so to speak..

much more user friendly i feel.

You also get  £25.00 jus for your regisration which is not bad at all.

Then you get 900%%  bonus on first 3 deposits 

catle bingo are a little funny  - buy 7 pay for 6??  just seems funnny no to me yet you get something free!!

money not major

was playing last night full house   £14.00 

pattern   £7.00  yet only 16 of us on so i suppose not bad.

they have fixed pots also B.O.G.O.F DAILY

all you can do is give it a shot thats what i do then in the end i suppose we all falll back on our fave sites

well worth a try even if just for free £25.00 on your registration