Ceiling collapses at a Gala Bingo Club

Added 2010-05-17 14:25:09

have you hard this news that on the 11 th may this year police said bingo players were lucky to escape unharmed after the ceiling collapsed at galashiels bingo club three fire engines and two police vans attended the incident at the market street bingo club which also led to to neighbouring cinema being evacuated over safety fears  the bingo club was closed while scotish borders council officials from buildings control team investigate whether it is safe to carry on using the bingo hall it is understood a suspended ceiling suddenly gave way but that players were able to move out of the way before it fell entirely

An ambulance was called but all the players in the Gala bingo club were fine the pavilion hall ia one of the most popular in the scottich borders i think this is shocking how a big club did not know that the ceiling was going to collaps dont they have people that look after the building and inspect things like that it could have been much worse than it was people could have been hurt or killed i think the club should compensate them all for what thay have gone through well good reading

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