Celebrate Marvins Birthday on Monkey Bingo

Added 2017-11-03 09:00:00

Monkey Bingo is one of our favourite sites as there are always great promotional offers to enjoy and this month we are celebrating the site mascot’s birthday! That’s right, it’s Marvin the monkey’s birthday and he has launched a massive bingo tournament that will last all throughout the month. There are big prizes to play for that will have you up celebrating in no time at all. Both new and existing Monkey Bingo players can get in on the action so why not read our post to find out all the facts on this fantastic offer.

Marvin’s Birthday Blast will go live on the 6th November and last until the 29th November so there is plenty of time to get involved. There are three prizes on offer every week and you can play all throughout the month so in total there are 12 prizes to play for! The key to playing in this 75 ball jackpot game successfully is to read the schedule and plan your playing sessions accordingly. There is also a cash alternative for each prize available so what exactly is there to play for?

Every Monday in November you can play for a foot massager worth £110. The second prize can be played for on Tuesdays and it is a stainless steel kettle worth £75 and finally, there is an Italian genuine leather backpack worth £45 which can be played for on Wednesdays. As you can see, there really is plenty to play for and with so many chances to win, you really would be mad to miss out! Collecting cards is easy and are priced at 5p for the Monday game, 2p for the Tuesday game and just a penny for the Wednesday game so you don’t have to break the bank playing these jackpot games.

Players can pre-purchase up to 96 cards for a single game and remember to use the bingo schedule to plan your playing sessions. The full house winners will win the prizes that we have described above but they are also free to take the cash alternative as well. There are terms and conditions to be aware of as well and we would recommend reading these on the Monkey Bingo website before purchasing any cards for these jackpot games.

This promotion is available on mobile devices so mobile Monkey Bingo players can take part which is great. Winners will be announced the day after each jackpot game and players may be required to confirm their prizes should they win. For this reason, is important to you ensure that you Monkey Bingo contact details are up to date in the account summary section of the site. If the site admins cannot contact you then you may lose out on your prize so do not risk it! That’s about it for Marvin’s Birthday and there certainly are plenty of cool prizes to play for. Head over to the Monkey Bingo website and then you can get started.