Celebrate The Dad Cup in style with Sparkling Bingo

Added 2014-06-13 09:26:43

World Cup 2014 is going to get started soon enough and of course there is Father’s Day around the corner. It’s a complete scorcher with two big days lined up.

Let Sparkling Bingo sort out your holidays. You can simmer down till then! With so many things slated for this month, why don’t you get down to some serious business of playing online bingo? The culmination of all these is the latest promotion ‘The Dad Cup’. Ooooo! Seems quite intriguing!

To mark these two auspicious occasions, how about winning some cash prize? Say around £500? If it sounds good enough, then pop along to the Dad Cup room at 8:00pm. The game is slated from 11th to 15th June. Bingo on the World Cup pattern and win £50 real cash. Tickets are available for just 5p apiece.

In cost conscious times, a good bingo bargain is all we need. And with ticket prices as low as this, you can win some pretty decent jackpot. The chat rooms are also fun, always buzzing with a great gameplay. And the lovely chat hosts are just the icing on the cake. Join Sparkling Bingo today.

Sign up at Sparkling Bingo today and pocket an impressive 150% Welcome Bonus. What’s more? You get up to 50% bonus on all reloads. Good Luck!