Celebrating my 30 trophies on OhMyBingo

Added 2011-07-12 13:14:04

Wooo i have managed to reach 30 trophies now in my OhMyBingo cabinet. I am doing well at first i only had a few but then as OhMyBingo started adding new trophies my trophy count kept going up lol because most of them i already had that was new.

My mission is actually to try and get all of them but it will take some time as alot of them are for purchasing bingo tickets and i think i have only unlocked a couple of them so i got far to go considering i only play gold hour lol i think i will be there for a while yet.

I was thinking maybe it would be good if Ben was generous and he had some sort of meter that when you collect a certain amount then you get something like a few omps or a gold coin would be even nicer lol and then if you save more after that then the meter moves up and you get something else lol just a thought Ben or am i asking for too much ;) lol

I hope you are all close at collecting your trophies and i hope it don't take you long

Good Luck Amy xxx