Chance to Earn More Gold Coins

Added 2012-11-15 09:25:42

hey all i upgraded to the master level think thats it correct me if im wrong lol so now i can save me juicy silvers up nd claim them for golds dont think its a bad amount myself 100 silver 1 gold probably take me a while though as i dont sit playing much only the odd hour on a evening when little one tucked in, but i not bothered how long it takes as its free and fun at the same time so cant complain. also its great seeing you can buy more tickets now as now the pots are higher so if you win you getting a better amount of either omps or coins. 

I seen on a post people talking about it but think about it if you was playing real bingo on a payed site then they have 96 ticks most of them aswell you just get the amount you want to spend so to me theres no difference in it you would get  what you want on there so its just the same just because its free don't mean you have to max tickets. however many of you still have a chance yes its not as great a chance as people who max but the chance is still there, 

yes you will lose point quicker but like the manager said theres plenty of ways of earning more omps. News posts recipes jokes and so on.

yes im writing this as i want some points lol but also to say to some of you its free online bingo site for goodness sake. Why moan about it, you cant get everything you want you should be just happy they take there time to do this for us guys to sit and play and have a chnce of saving for a prize and the CMs sit in chat for free they dont have to but they do they play chats games thats another way of earning points 

all im saying is its FREE enjoy the site 

sorry for moaning lol dont normally write but stories but like was said its these what keep the site id rather the site be here than gone