Change of luck on online bingo and first try on Bingo Hollywood

Added 2010-04-26 09:38:22

I do declare my luck seems to have taken an upturn this week. I've been an avid player of online bingo for years and at first, as with most of us, I did have some great beginners luck. Over the passed few months it's been the case where I deposit lots and win very little, but I have such fun playing that hasn't really bothered me too much. I recently joined Bingo Hollywood and was quite surprised that I was getting regular little wins on the free game. I play free games as well as paying games on most of the sites I belong to and have to say they're usually a bit tight with me so I wasn't expecting too much from Bingo

I know that Ruth has cranked up the Bingo Hollywood slots into winning mode so I had a little dabble on them and they certainly did pay well. Then I began to get wins on Moon too and that's something I don't see everyday. Now I'm just waiting for my luck to spread to the other 17 sites I play on and I'll be sorted lol.

I've abandoned my fiendish plan to take Costa by storm seeing as they've changed the format back to it's original state but I am optomistic that they too will start favouring me soon.

As soon as I hit my first million I'll let you know lol