Change on OhMyBingo can be good

Added 2011-08-24 13:24:03

Hi all i have pretty much kept my opinions to myself on things although i have mailed them in to the bosses personally. There have been changes i know there are a lot of unhappy players at the moment with the new changes but they can be for the best in the long run. Yes we have had the option to buy gold taken away from us but if we never had it in the 1st place we wouldn't miss it now. OhMyBingo has been more than generous they have given away loads of fab prizes in its 1st year and will continue to do so. Just because we can't but gold any more doesn't mean the prizes are out of reach not at all.

So how is change good well i know as well as the other CM's we will all be given a chance to do special chat games giving away gold coins yes gold coins!!! To me this just makes it more fun to achieve the gold and get players involved and hopefully up our player numbers. We all know you guys love promotions and special chat games 7th July proved that as it was the busiest i have ever seen OMB for a whole day it was fab and who's to say we can't have loads more days like that it would be great.

There are so many things going on there's all the older promotions such as member of the month and the big superdraw winner. Now on top of all this we have team OMB which everyone who plays bingo automatically has the chance to be part of. There's Ben's fantasy football which might not be for everyone but is yet another way to get involved in things and win more OMPs. There have been so many ideas and suggestions and am sure there are loads more promotions up and coming. 

So when thinking about the changes that have happened please think about all the good things which are up and coming too. Like i have read if the changes hadn't of happened OMB would of been closed down which i for one don't want and i know a lot of you wouldn't want that we're one big OMB family and it's you roomies who make it the site it is and fingers crossed a great OMB meet up coming shortly too :D. 

Good luck everyone see you all in the room for more fun and games

Lou xxx