Change the online bingo record please

Added 2011-08-23 11:10:12

Having not been around much of late and when i did log in it was out of chat, i have been prety much oblivious to the going ons at OMB. Since reapearing and reading the news articles i have been disapointed as to the mood of the players.

When i joined OMB, i was looking for something different. Somewhere that would slow down my spending a bit lol. As id never chatted in rooms i was suprised how soon i got involved in the chat, mainly down to tiggers quiz. It was great to come in and people know my name and ask after my family. I'd never understood before how people said they had online friends!

It was a while before i discovered the shop and the prizes on offer. To me this was a bonus. I had my eyes on an ipod for my daughter, but knew it would take a really long time to achieve. It has been nearly a year and with my daughters birthday approaching i cashed in on vouchers. I recieved them today and she will now get something nice for her birthday and the ipod will be forgoten :)

We really have been spoilt at OhMyBingo, because we were here at the start. Many have claimed good prizes, some still saving.

My question is, what would you have been doing if you hadnt found OMB? Spending loads in pay sites maybe!

For those that are close then hold on for your bargain, or take a lower prize. If you've already claimed the lower prizes then think yourselves lucky that you could!

At the end of the day without sponsors OMB could not be here. They have to pretty much tow the line as to what the online bingo sites want from them, to keep going. If they move the goal posts they do it because they have no choice.

Please can we not have the talk in chat of how we can force them to change. They are trying their best and i for one do not want the site closed. Lets go back to the fun it was, enjoy the games that our CMs lay on for us, again for free!!!

GREAT CMs, meeting GREAT people, FREE bingo, FREE chat, FREE games and still chance to win FREE prizes, Thats OMB for me.

As i rarely play gh, my coins will now be going on free bingo money, after all, it only takes one ticket and i can go buy an ipod for cash :)