Changes at Posh Bingo Free Bingo

Added 2010-07-08 15:44:42

Posh bingo have changed its free bingo and the way it plays . they have got rid of one of its rooms so only has the twice daily £50 room and one free room. the room thats open offers you a chance of winning between £1 and £5 bring back the other room i say .

I enjoy posh bingo but its now got rid of one of its free rooms i think ill try my luck else were . ive been a member on posh for a long while and hope it brings back other room as regulars prob wont be happy . i also think it should have jackpot room three times a day.  i hope they listen to its regulars and converts it back to old ways as there is no point in fixing something that is not broken it was well better the old way . apart from the ghange in its free bingo rooms i still think it is a good site and well worth a try to chance your luck.  team bingo is also great on site so try its under tournament on home page loads of pps up for grabs if you end up in winning team gl all x