Changes coming soon to Sing Bingo

Added 2010-11-11 11:13:13

I think i have mentioned in a previous post how sites seem to offer great promotions and then snatch them away without warning. This seems to be some kind of ploy to pull people in.

Well i deposited on sing bingo last week as my 7 days for jukebox jumble had ran out and i enjoy that promotion, imagine the dissapointment when i had made the deposit and loaded up the rooms to find that it had gone!

If i had known it had gone then i wouldnt of bothered playing,  i think that there should of been some kind of warning of the members page about this  happening, i would imagine a fair few people were a little annoyed. What i dont understand is that if they were going to take it off then why not do it at the end of a week not half way through!

I still like sing but i think sites need to be a little fairer to there members, i think they have been a little bit sneaky with this one!

I dread to think what change is coming next? maybe like costa they will drop thier hourly jackpots without warning aswell. I hope they dont start going like costa did.