Changes on OhMyBingo

Added 2015-03-11 08:34:57

As you all know it has been said for some time that changes were for OMB, and yes i'm aware that nothing as happened as of yet, of which us CM'S hear about constantly ;) lol, unfortunately i have to say but not on does our HEAD CM know nothing about them of which she should since she basically deals with the site on a daily basis, but also the CM'S know nothing about as they along with the HEAD CM run the site on a weekly basis, with chat games & shifts & helpful advice for all roomies, also attempting to sort out any issues in the Chat Room. These being the people on the front line so to speak should be aware of any changes, so they are prepared for what maybe changing & how they have to work along with the changes, as they do this on a weekly basis as it is. I do know that the grapevine has started already lol, with fears & wonders, i wish i as an active CM on OhMyBingo i could alleviate all these for you without revealing anything, however sadly i cannot & nor can our Head CM. Let's hope that at some point our Head CM & the CM'S may know & are able to help you roomies to be more at ease :)