Changes to Chat Game OMPs Wins

Added 2013-05-26 14:53:43

Hi Peeps, as most of you know we have had a bit of a hoohaa between CM's and chat games played and maxing peeps and so on, so there are going to be some changes.  Some of the changes are good but not so sure how you roomies are going to take bits of it but be assured we are hoping this works out for the best.

Ok the changes are not in place as yet but the CM's will let you know once they are!

The changes are as follows - CM's will no longer roll over cg omps if a game is not won.  There will be an extra 1k cg omps to be won every day ;)

Players can win the following -

From 9am-12pm - 1k omps

From 12pm-3pm - 1k omps 

From 3pm-6pm - 1k omps

From 6pm onwards 2k omps

see you all in ohmybingo ticketyboo

Tickleikkle :)