Changes to OhMyBingo Slots

Added 2013-12-23 08:24:08 a word - DISGRACEFUL! 3 gold coins to move up each level, that is a total of 54 -yes 54! gold coins to unlock all the slot games.

Gold coins are not the easiest to come by and it has to be said that OMB are not over generous at the best of times with gold coins!

Sorry OhMyBingo - you have taken what was a really enjoyable feature of the site and made it cost prohibitive with very poor payouts compared with the previous slots

I am aware that not all roomies play the slots, but a good many do and probably find they can top up their points this way - well there certainly isn't  much chance of that now is there? but then perhaps this is the reason for the change?

I could say more but I really am so very very disappointed - ever heard the phrase "if it aint broke - don't fix it" ?