Changes to OMB Free Bingo Recently

Added 2010-09-10 16:32:57

just got back from my summer holiday to find loads of changes at oh my bingo ... some for the better and some not so good ... really like the changes to the format on the free bingo page , like how it now counts down 3 tg 2 tg 1 tg thats much better . not so keen on the fact that you can't watch the numbers coming out and watch chat at the same time the screen not big enough to see them both at the same time ...

really upset to see the shopping voucher has disappeared i know this was really popular with alot of people and an amazon voucher as doubled from 15 gold to 30 gold when we were told a small increase was going to take place, because i don't win very often this feels very unatttainable to me ... i'll never get 30 gold .

Also for the last 2 weeks my news comments have been posted but not received points for them so not having much luck with oh my bingo at the moment .

i still love oh my bingo free bingo and the chat is really good , cms are brill and really friendly . please please please oh my bingo let me start receiving my points again can't keep changing my coins up for ever and shine a little luck on me ... afew wins please .