Changes to OMB Free Bingo

Added 2010-09-02 14:44:03

hi there every one i am back again lol but i think i realy must get this of my  chest and say on behalf of all my bingo friends and me i am loving all recent changes to site and we all totally under stand for the up and coming prices changes in the shop well no one can realy moan as you are offering us a hell of a lot in ways of free bingo great chat fab roomies great cms

( great seeing new cms are one of us ) you give us fab prizes what ever they shall cost the site has loads of different aspects and way of earning oh my points so all in all i think shop price changes are not in any way a bad thing .me personally have gained so much from this site since i have joined ( not just prizes i would like to hope some great new friends as well ) keep on all the good work oh my bingo may we grow and prosper in to the best comparison web site on line with best free bingo too ( i think we already are the best sure every one would agree )