Changes to online bingo site Gone Bingo

Added 2011-01-12 18:17:31

I have just read a few postings from other players who are a little peeved at gonebingo, l I have been a member of Gonebingo for over 4 years and It was my favourite site, with great roomies and CH's, the new LINKED rooms have changed the gameplay as 90's was my room which no longer exists and chat rooms are shared over several rooms wich makes chatting and cg playing not so easy, the prize money is not always as good as you would expect for 3 sites linking together, most of the  they are not far off what the prize money was in 90's before the link-upbut there are more people playing.

I agree with some that  wagering is high but once you got the hang of it withdrawing was not impossible and I have withdrawn sums from £50  to £250, but due to the changes I only pop in to play with the free money over xmas and free games if I am bored and  have not deposited for over 2 months and dont see myself doing so for sometime, I do miss the chat and my roomie mates but notice that they are also spending less time on there and have seen the odd moan posted on here and facebook, come on GONE BINGO sort this out or it will end up a ghost ship wich would be a real shame for a site that was one of the best......