Changes to the free bingo game

Added 2010-09-01 10:55:31

hi there im just going to make quick post on my thoughts of oh my bingo changes  wel l i am loving the slots ( would be better through if they were not just for fun ) i was not sure on the new bingo room lay out at first as i could not chat and watch online bingo numbers at the same time and also i could not see all my bingo tickets but i have figured it out now ive adjusted my screen size and now can see all i need to and i have just noticed a slider at bottom of tickets lol so i can check on how all my tickets are playing so now i am glad of the change as we can now see called bingo numbers ( better for are chat games with are fab cm s )

glad the site is going from strengh to strengh and we are gettin new players all the time and nice to see regulars are staying regulars and new prizes in shop are great ( like royalty e.c.t ) so all in all i i am liking all changes and may oh my bingo continue to grow and grow