Changes to the Free Bingo Quiz Hour

Added 2010-11-08 16:50:12

Hi guys

After a rocky start to the quiz hour, I would like to thank every one who has taken part in it so far,We have taken note of your suggestions etc, and in order to make the quiz hour fairer for all involved, including the ppl. who like me are slow at typing, and have chat lag. it has been decided to bring in some new rules

 i will be giving a number between 1-5 before each question, and the person who gives the correct answer, in the given place, will win the 250 omps and 1 point towards the end of the game, therefore if the number given for example is 3 then the 3rd correct answer wins, I would also like to add that the questions because of this will be easier ones, giving every one the chance of winning, those lovely coins.

Do not forget the 1st place winner will  scoop  2 gold coins 2nd place  1 gold coin, and for   3rd place  5 silver coins,so I think you will find it well worth giving it a go, after all you have nothing to lose, and it is only for an hour. So I look forward to seeing you in the room at gold hour, and wish each and every one of you good luck.

A great big Thank You goes to James and Ben and the OhMyBingo team for giving us the chance to do this.