Changing card details with Tombola Bingo

Added 2010-07-06 11:40:59


I just wondered if anyone else had come across the problem I had on Tombola bingo the other day when I had to up-date my card details.

I had been playing and had won just over £40 when I decided to withdraw some of the money. I realised my bank card was about to expire and I needed to change my details on the bingo bonus site but when I went to up-date it said that I couldn't because I had more than £2 in my account. So I phoned customer services who told me I had to play all my winnings, down to £2 before I could change my bank details. So I did play down to £2 and then when I went and changed my details, I had to deposit the minimum of £10 before it would accept the changes. I was also told that if I withdrew on my old card details I might lose all or most of my winnings!!

So I didn't get to withdraw any of my winnings at all at Tombola Bingo!! I am not happy with this and wondered if anyone knew why this would happen.

Needless to say I haven't won anything since and wish my old bank card hadn't run out lol