Changing Terms and Conditions at online bingo.

Added 2010-06-03 18:01:33

Having read a previous report about Bingo Hollywood changing their Terms and Conditions I surfed around the net a bit canvassing bingo players and it seems that this is becoming the fashion on some bingo sites.  Apparently (and this is second hand info) it's going down like a bag of hammers on some bingo sites :-(

It hasn't affected me personally because I've been a member of the bingo sites I play on for ages and have deposited a fair amount already .. so IF they have upped the 'deposit requirement before withdrawal' it isn't something I'll be aware of unless I go and re-read the Terms and Conditions. (And it's FAR too hot to be doing THAT!!!) lololol.

I'm just wondering what the theory IS behind the 'alleged' revamps because most of the bingo players I've spoken to have said that a £10.00 deposit is do-able but they just don't have the funds to be putting in £30.00 a time :-(.

Of course there will be players to whom money is no object and there are players who fling in hundreds even THOUSANDS of pounds to play online but I suspect that this is not the norm. I could be wrong of course :-). I'm sure it's only a small number of mega rich folk who'll sit playing online .. they'll be out shopping all day if they've got any sense ... lololol.

I know the gaming industry is one of the few fast growing and HIGHLY lucrative markets around at the moment ... but surely it's all the little punters who's combined contributions go to make those huge profits ... ???? And with the ever growing competition around is it really wise to alienate what must be a large number of players?

Anyway ... we'll see what we will see .. I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash :-)