Charlie helped me win my bingo chat game

Added 2011-06-26 08:23:24

Im here to provide you with the news

it could be lucky or it could be sad or it could be wonderful or very bad

well here i go

today news is very wonderful cause i got lucky on a chat game

charlie helped me as i missed it

but i couldnt win it unless i was in it

we was playing mirror match

and my numbers came out but oh my god i forgot to shout

charlie said you missed your points

i said oh my god i always do

then i had to run up to the loo

so there you have it the news of today but i was shocked i won the next game

so there you go you can not win

unless your numbers come up you might just win

so buy your cards as they are free

and try to win on mirror match

oh the chat game has started now

i might just win if i get lucky

who knows unless im in it

i can not win it

so get your cards now and play at OhMyBingo

where i found my special lingo

so hurry up get your cards

you might win its not that hard