Chasing the Happy Blue Rabbit at Diva Bingo

Added 2011-04-17 19:59:36

Well after using my free fiver - I decided to take the plunge and become a funded player at Diva Bingo. Let's face it - with the brilliant, splendifferous ipad competition; there's one heck of a reason to deposit at Diva bingo this month!

So, money loaded, I headed into one of the 3p rooms, as to try and make my money last that little bit longer. The room was brisk for close to midnight - there was about 20 or so players enjoying the fun. I must say, as a lad I felt fairly outnumbered by the girlies who were all discussing the latest hunk of the moment! So the game starts and I'm playing my first strips; when low and behold what should pop up on the screen but a blue rabbit! I must say it caught me a little off guard as I've never seen anything like it on the other sites that I've played on. Apparently, our little blue friend is there to point out when a roomie wins (as a lot of the games played at that time on Diva are links)! If a roomie wins the rabbit is all bouncy and happy whereas if a non-roomie wins he looks all dejected and sad! Awww!

We played a cg too! It was called the clock game and the idea behind it was the CM would give you a time in 24-hour clock format and players had to round down the time to the nearest hour. The 3rd player to get the answer right in chat won a fantasic 1,000 glamour points! I know everyone on OMB thinks I have lightning fingers - but trust me when I say; I ain't got nothin' on those guys over at online bingo site Diva! So now when I play - I hope I get the blue happy rabbit - as it means a roomie has just scooped a win.