Chat Game for Olympics

Added 2012-07-23 10:58:07

I was sat here think, what the site could do for the olympics. I came up with a idea, which is each player has 2 countries for the Olympic games and which 3 players gets the most medal from there 2 countries winning in the olympics come win a prize. That would mean all the medals which would be gold, bronze and silver.  There is a lot of countries when i google how many countries in the olympics, there is 205 countries that why all players would get 2 countries each because we have not got enough members to have one each. If we have not got enough players for 2 countries it could  be 3.  players could put there names down if they want to play. It is just idea to support the olympics and get every members involved. Hopefully the bosses at OhMyBingo will be up  for it and allow it or the bosses might do something already to do the olympics.