Chat Game OMP Limit on OhMyBingo

Added 2013-05-23 13:32:03

hiya all blonde dizzy one here 

Now as we all know unfortunately as i wasnt thinking straight yest i played cg three and playing this game although it is a very good cg gives lasting repercussions for other cms for rest of the day  now after listening to roomies views etc on issue of cgs and omps i thought i would write a news item putting across the views of roomies 

We know the roomies love to play cgs and earn extra omps as well but its not just for the omps roomies play them its because they love to play cgs and it makes playing bingo a lot more fun for all 

Because now we have a cm all day and evening a lot more roomies are getting maxed during day and whilst i have the easiest shift out as i rarely get anyone maxed it is becoming a bit of a nightmare for other cms on after me and that means they are getting less or even no cg players at all which is unfair 

A few ideas have been passed around on this issue and 1 of them from roomies was to lower cg omps to 100 omps per game now at the current max limit this means that during the day roomies can win 20 cgs before they are maxed and as it is that now we have a reset for the evening cms [as tbh their shifts must have been total nightmare] if the omps for winning a cg are lowered then not only would it give roomies longer to play cgs without maxing but would also save cms lots of headaches etc as would be far fewer maxers so would be almost no need for roomies to donate omps once maxed as they can play and enjoy cgs longer plus the weekly cg draw would be fairer as all cg points won earning entry to the draw would be won by the person n not donated to them 

Roomies love to play cgs on OhMyBingo it makes playing bingo a lot more fun and as a lot of cms have weekly tourneys too lots more can join in with thses as they wouldnt be maxed ..........a fair few roomies dont like to play once maxed as its not so much fun so how about lowering cg omps to 100 per game and see if this helps with maxing and cg issues a lot of roomies have expressed the view that it would be lots better if omps were lowered and we are not losing out by trying these things out see if they work in fact we could gain a whole lot more cg players out of making changes as peeps would be able to play more cgs and play for longer too 

Views on this would be gratefully appreciated and would go a long way to help solving this issue 


thanks trixxxxxxxxxxxx