Chat Games on Saturday

Added 2012-08-06 08:36:11

Well its saturday night poor ickle as worked all day and then come on as cm at 7 she tried to get cgs goin but didnt have enough peeps think there was 2 ov us at 1st it took 3 games to get peeps to get nos in and then there was 5 ov us playin cg in golden hr how bad is that our poor cms do a grt job n work on here for nothing its just a waste ov there time n effort ickle came off just after 8 cos again 3 for cgs so peeps if u want our cms to do cgs u av to play them lol please dont sit bin iggy peeps complain when no cms on.

I fink it gets borin just playin bingo n no chat games at 1 time cgs was so busy so come on peeps pls give cgs ago our cms r fab n do a brill job they dont bite lol thank you ickle for tryin get cgs together hun hope u enjoyed ur early nite lol x