Chat Host and Their Partners

Added 2013-03-15 16:32:39

Playing on Ready Set Bingo I soon noticed while I was chatting to others via the chat box that the chat host was more friendly (a lot more friendly) with one person chatting than any of  the other players - it was soon asked if they were a couple and in so many words they basically said yes they were. More info.

So while the chat host is at work on chat there partner logs in to Ready Set Bingo as a player and plays and chats with them while they work -  first thing i thought is - well who says that the chat host isn't just fixing the game/chat game for there partner to win ??

Also how many other online bingo sites allow this (thats if this is allowed?) but to me I took this as a dissadvantage to the other players - dont get me wrong still great chat conversations/laughs but I still think its unfair to other players in the room.