Chat rooms at Paddy Power Bingo

Added 2010-09-29 17:49:47

I have not deposited on paddy power bingo for a long time but quite often play the free game.One day last week hubby won £1.50 on the freebies,but did not re-invest his winnings,so on Sunday night I was a little fed up and decided I would re-invest his little win.

Well I spent 50p on tickets and won the 2 lines and full house,which put my little balance up to a few pence under £10.00.I did not win in the second game but shared 2 lines in the freebie game and from then on I was doing the time the bargain basement room closed I had a little over £22.00.

I decided I would play in the Paddy Power Bingo topaz room and play bouncy balls,which I still done ok on.                

The thing that annoyed me was the fact that swearing and damn right rudeness was ignored by the CM.This sort of thing would not normally bother me,but I was actually quite shocked at the comments being made and yet unlike most sites paddy's do not seem to mind.

I swear at my screen all the time and am not bothered when someone in the chat room swears,as it is meant in a fun,not offensive manner but these people on paddy's were being rude to the rest of people in chat and the CM.

I find it very odd that nothing was said.

I feel better now that I have had my little moan,as always wish you all good luck xxxxx