Added 2017-02-12 16:33:58

Can i just say it was nice to see nanny joining in in chat tonight instead of fighting all those spiders on the other side.We welcome gj whos coming out of his shell great chating to you.Swifty and me are trying to get more to join in but its like getting a chinese that sells proper pork.

Ive got bowie on writing this so hang on lol.Ok you might think what is this news all about well hey me too but ive just remembered.

Last few times i have been playing bingo on here ive watched the pot rise with each player buying tickets ok so can you explain mr ben the last 10 seconds buying a lot of tickets the winning pots loose about 2 pounds?

Im cags and ive been playing online bingo for years but noticed this happens a few times, what i DONT know aint worth knowing.

Oh wild is the windddddddddd oops sorry one of my favs.

Reet back to someone explaining why the pot drops when more players are buying answers on a postcard please.

Serious now caus i can be this needs answers caus it just aint reet and dont add up.

Oh i got a ps too Chet can ya keep up with footy results gawd ha ha