Chatters v Out Of Chat Players

Added 2015-01-05 07:56:16

First of all i would like to welcome back Kelly(only because she is going for a cm)lol good luck kelly.

Talking of new cms wheres tiggs she even gets samp n jules chatting by playing a quiz.Do you guys know how boring playing on OhMyBingo is with without a cm.I know its been holidays but come on Ben give us cms.

Ive nodded off a few times lol .

But tonight oh my god what fun us chatters had.

One for the road odd on.

Back that tonic from asda needed Noel to open it tut.

So here we are the few players trying to grab 5k for 1 line and billy cant get a win no mater how she tries.

Cags to the rescue lol i ask all chatters to buy 1 card alas players out of chat didnt lol .

Why cant we donate coins ?

On a lighter note kelly was loving last meet up and------------ says noel is cool she wants to trying living with him.i

 Thanks again swifty kelly and me lol for trying to get billy a win.

This site rocks---------- or rather the chatters do

Ps as its me we finished 10th place on cm vote grrrrrrrrrrrrrr vote plzzzzzzzzzzzzz